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Candela Bado & Stephanie Espinoza
Whisper Dish
May 17, 2024 — June 23 2024

whisper dish poster final.jpg

mimo is pleased to present Whisper Dish, a two-person exhibition with works by Candela Bado and Stephanie Espinoza. The exhibition considers the role of memory in shaping space, and the material crevices where public and private become malleable.


A whisper dish is a device that solidifies the trails where acoustic waves travel; allowing two seemingly independent points to maintain a direct communication. These massive structures hide in plain sight; their concave shapes invite for congregation, confession and sustenance. As they draw you in, they quickly reveal their secret, creating a moment to reconcile with the intangible nature of solitude. 


Bado and Espinoza’s work exists within this invisible medium of communication; either as ephemeral snippets of a message, or as technology that examines the slits where information convenes. In either case, the works ponder on the weight and elasticity of marginalization.

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